Immigration Seminar: How To Secure U.S. Artist Visa?

Mexico - Immigration Seminar: How To Secure U.S. Artist Visa?

miércoles 30.5.2018
desde 11:30 a 12:30
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50 participantes
Learn all about U.S. visa rules for foreign artists and entertainers to perform, exhibit, or work in the U.S. The key is to choose the best visa option that matches with the talent and purpose of trip.
That’s why we are offering a “Free Webinar” providing ultimate knowledge to artists, entertainers, music bands, and entertainment groups, on the most frequently used U.S. artist visa and entertainment visa options, their eligibility criteria, advantages and limitations, and how to choose the best visa option in your situation.
Ms. Ancy Varghese, U.S. Immigration Attorney with 10+ years of experience in practicing immigration law, will provide tips, practical suggestions and typical case scenarios for securing U.S. artist visas successfully.
Attendees will walk away with an enhanced understanding of:
1. P-1 Visa Eligibility Criteria For A Foreign Entertainment Group2. How To Establish Extraordinary Ability For Securing O-1 Visa? 3. When To Use P-3 Visa For Culturally Unique Performers4. Can You Perform As A Visitor on B-1/B-2 or ESTA?5. Visa Options For Non-Performing Support Personnel6. How To Secure An Artist Green Card? 7. Applying For Artist Visa At A U.S. Consulate: What To Expect?8. Extending Stay In The U.S. For Additional Shows: Is It Possible?9. Typical Case Scenarios
PLUS: Q&A With The Attorney
This Webinar will show you how to effectively plan and successfully secure an appropriate U.S. artist visa your next U.S. performance.
Date: May 30, 2018Time: 12.30 to 1.30 PM EST
FREE Webinar slots are very limited. Take a minute now to reserve your spot at
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